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IPM’s team includes specialists in the fields of contract management, franchising, business valuation and intellectual property management.

William Baillieu

William Baillieu is a Director of IPM.

Having worked as a Commercial / Contracts Manager in the Defence, Hi-Tech, Venture Capital, Consumer Product and Business Services sectors, he has extensive experience of both regulated and unregulated industries and working with both large and small companies.

Taking a holistic view of transactions from the ‘Way-In’ (bidding, deal structures, negotiation and contract award) to the ‘Way-Out’ (delivery, contract management, dispute resolution, contract closure) of contracting, and recognising the value and importance of intellectual property rights to most businesses, means that William is commercially focused on both the commercial and operational impact of negotiating and managing contracts. With both national and international experience, he brings best practice and commercial innovation from across a wide range of market sectors and clients.

As a qualified non-practising barrister with 26 years commercial management and licensing experience specialising in the development of innovative and growth businesses, William has presented at conferences and seminars and co-authored with John Goodchild ‘The British Film Business’. He has developed and managed an Intellectual Property Rights Service and a Franchise & Licensing Panel for Business Link, and edited specialist books on business format franchising including ‘Streetwise Franchising’.