IPM Ventures

About Us

IPM is an intellectual property rights and contract management consultancy dedicated to advising businesses on how to identify, value, manage and exploit their intellectual property rights and intangible assets. We help you manage the contracting process to meet your business goals, from negotiation to completion, to ensure it delivers value and preserves the integrity of your intangible assets and your trading relationships.

IPM is not a law firm or a patent attorney. This means we can offer pragmatic commercial advice. This is based on a holistic commercial approach, sound contracting and IP management principles, and extensive business experience gained in diverse industries, which enable our clients to make informed business decisions. Our role is frequently a navigator and interpreter between the R&D, production, finance, sales and legal functions.

Founded in 1999, we deliver measurable results and help our clients save costs, avoid unnecessary commercial risks, and generate additional revenue. Our aim is to increase shareholder value by turning knowledge assets and contracts into secure revenue streams.

“Thanks to IPM we retained control of our intellectual property assets based on robust commercial negotiations and sound contracts that protected our interests”

Peter Neighbour – Operations Director – LighterLife UK Limited

IPM’s services are needed by any business that is concerned by the risks of failing to protect and exploit its expertise, and by businesses that recognise the financial benefits of developing and commercialising its intangible assets and know-how.