IPM Ventures

Intangible Assets

Understanding risk and value is key to every contract and every business relationship – with customers, suppliers and partners. Our goal is to ensure that everything that we do adds value for you and your business.

Intangible Assets include:

  • Intellectual Property Rights: includes patents for novel inventions, designs, copyright, database rights, brands, sounds and smells protected by trade marks, service marks, and related specialist rights. We help companies manage the protection of these rights and help them challenge unauthorised copying and counterfeit products which can so easily damage the reputation of a product and company.
  • Know-how and Human Capital: as the name implies, those things that you and your team have learned from experience and that help you to run your business. This knowledge can often be profitably exploited and give your company a competitive advantage.
  • Customer Capital: the supply chain relationships with customers and suppliers and the unique market intelligence and competitive advantage that it can provide.
  • Structural capital: The management systems and processes which enable a business to function, and which can when effectively managed save costs, improve quality controls, and support the reputation and brand of the company and its products.