IPM Ventures

For Financial Directors

Understanding the valuation of a business and its intellectual property rights is vital. There are different ways to value intangible assets, and it is a specialist field.

Valuation will be supported by how rigorous the IP is protected and managed, and the marketing strategy and channels to market to be used. Understanding and defining value is not just to support a fund-raising or sale price. It should also be an important measurement to drive investment decisions in the business, so that the management can track how shareholder value is being built and demonstrate to outside investors how the business strategy will deliver investment returns. The valuation of the company’s shares can also support the pricing of share options for key staff.

  • How to value your intangible assets and know how?
  • How to verify and support value?
  • How risks of infringement and unauthorised copying erode value?
  • How understanding value enhances your negotiating position?
  • What Key Performance Indicators can be used to track value and to make informed management decisions?
  • What tax credits are available for innovation?

Our modular based risk assessment and management tools include:

  • IPR and business valuations – valuation of both goodwill and intellectual capital assets of a business for the purposes of a sale, flotation, fund-raising, joint ventures, management share options, licensing, or tax.
  • Intellectual Capital Management - financial modelling techniques for managers to understand the creation of value of intellectual capital within their business and to verify that value to investors and buyers.