IPM Ventures

For Entrepreneurs and Managers

For Entrepreneurs and Managers managing intellectual property rights and creating value from innovation, we address the key questions:

  • What are the risks of your products and ideas being copied?
  • How do you protect, manage and exploit your know how?
  • How do you manage knowledge workers?
  • How to value your intellectual property rights and other intangible assets?
  • Which contracting model or franchising or licensing system is most appropriate to your business?

IPM advises businesses on protecting, managing and exploiting know-how to change knowledge into profit and to create real shareholder value. Our modular based risk assessment and management tools include:

  • Risk Assessment – a programme to assess and quantify the commercial and operational risks of infringement of rights and unauthorised copying.
  • Knowledge Management Review – a practical holistic review of how an organisation manages its knowledge based assets including its intellectual property rights and intangible assets. This includes a risk-based audit to review the legal status of Rights such as trade marks, copyright, designs and patents held by an organisation, and to identify areas of risk.
  • Innovation management and commercialisation strategies – includes scoping and defining contractual and licensing relationships with suppliers, customers, licensors and licensees to support the business model and build additional shareholder value.
  • Interim Commercial Management – for businesses with management skills gaps, an interim management resource to ensure effective commercial and contract management of the knowledge assets of a business including skills capture and transfer.
  • Knowledge Management Mentoring –coaching and mentoring managers and management teams to pro-actively manage their knowledge base and intangible assets.