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Intellectual Property

Every business needs to understand what intellectual property and other intangible assets it owns, how it is valued, and how it can create shareholder value from its know-how. For most businesses today, balance sheet values no longer reflect true value, and frequently price earnings ratios do not either.

The knowledge economy is based on the ability to innovate, to develop brands and to create or purchase proprietary works and information. Managing know-how and turning it into value is the biggest challenge for every business.

IPM works with clients to make their business more valuable by the effective management of their intellectual property rights. We have developed a practical approach to help owners and managers understand how the knowledge of a business can be managed to reduce risks and costs, and to increase revenue and profitability.

To address the key issues for turning know-how and intellectual property rights into real shareholder value, IPM has developed modular based risk assessment and management tools for entrepreneurs and managers.

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