IPM Ventures


You will have the business strategy and a set of objectives to achieve. We are experienced in translating those goals into sound contracts to protect and create value for you. But even before drafting a contract, vital preparation is required:

Deal Structuring

Preparation is the key to success. Commercial expectations and reality need to converge. Creating a workable and profitable contract requires structured thinking to identify the value drivers, risks, commercial issues, and what form of contractual arrangement is most appropriate. Defining a structure which combines mechanisms to resolve problems and reward performance creates winning contracts.

At IPM we help clients develop contracting models and structure deals to meet their business objectives.


We are highly experienced negotiators and skilled influencers with experience in leading bid teams and in contract formation and drafting. Whether you want IPM to lead negotiations or support you in your negotiating process, recognizing the tactics of negotiation and the creation and use of ‘negotiating tension’ will impact on the final contract you sign. Identifying and distinguishing between the ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’ will influence the way you, and the other party, negotiates.

Pre-Contract Documents

IPM provides advice on all pre-contract signature requirements including Non Disclosure Agreements, Letters of Intent, Heads of Agreement, Memorandums of Understanding, and Indicative (non-binding) Offers.