IPM Ventures

Contract Management

Every contract contains rights and obligations, deliverables and milestones, and these are legal commitments which have to be met. IPM has practical experience of managing contracts, and we can alert you on ‘scope creep’ and changes to the project or transaction which need to be documented. We can help you ensure that rigorous change control processes are used, and advise you on the commercial strategies for saving costs and generating additional revenue under the contract.

It is rare for any contract to cover every eventuality in a trading relationship. Commerce is dynamic and real-time, and subject to all kinds of influences and changes, some of which cannot be foreseen at the time the contract is negotiated. IPM can advise on contract interpretation, assess the need for contract variation notices or off-set arrangements, and where appropriate, termination and exit advice.

We understand the commercial needs and pressures on our clients, and the importance of building sustainable business and value through your contracts. Sound contract management will protect your business and build strong trading relationships, both of which will add value to your business.