IPM Ventures

Contract Drafting

Every contract is a set or rights and obligations, deliverables and milestones. The contract needs to reflect what has been agreed and the nature and extent of the commercial relationship between the parties, and not just be a template of standard terms and conditions (relevant or not) used by many organizations.

A badly drafted contract will cause problems later and can destroy value. IPM recognizes the importance of understanding the commercial risks and value drivers for every transaction, and drafting robust and fair agreements which protect and create sustainable revenue, and therefore value, for its clients.

Contract Management is now recognized by companies following Best Practice as a profession in its own right. Although we are not a law firm and therefore not regulated by the Law Society, we have extensive experience of drafting complex commercial agreements for a wide range of industries, both in the UK and internationally. We work with solicitors and patent attorneys who provide advice when required.

As contract specialists, IPM has a pragmatic and commercially grounded approach to ensure contracts meet the needs of our clients. We understand the commercial drivers and pressures of managing and operating a business.