IPM Ventures

Added Value Services

Integral to effective contract management, we also provide the following added value services:

Valuation Services

Contracts are an intangible asset of your business. A badly drafted contract can destroy value. A balanced and well drafted contract both protects your asset base and creates additional value.

To enable management teams to make informed decisions on what level of risk to absorb in a contract and the extent to which intellectual property rights may being created or licensed as part of the contract, IPM can provide valuation models to track the creation of value of intellectual capital within their business generated by each contract.

Contract Reviews and Status Reports

  • Do your contracts include performance and price review mechanisms?
  • Have any price or cost escalation clauses been exercised within time?
  • Is there ‘scope creep’ where one party is delivering more than has been contracted?
  • Are the original deliverables and milestones still valid, or have circumstances changed?
  • Have changes been properly documented?

These are just some of the issues we see when we review contracts to check that the deliverables and milestones under the contract are being monitored and reported accurately and in a timely fashion. IPM can provide status reports which highlight risks in the contract and highlight issues that need management action.

Contract Reviews can be conducted quickly and cost effectively. Frequently, its greatest benefit is it catches discrepancies in order fulfilment and payment or non-compliance with contractual notice provisions, which can generate ‘quick wins’ by generating additional revenue or revenue recovery.

Out-sourcing Contract Management

For organisations which experience peaks and troughs of contracting activity, IPM can provide interim contract management support.

For SME’s with management skills gaps, we provide an interim management resource to ensure effective commercial and contract management together with staff training. IPM can also scope and draft commercial policies and contracting procedures to cover all the commercial activities of the business and advise you on your trading terms and conditions. We can also provide contractual correspondence templates to save you time.