IPM Ventures

IPM - “Changing Knowledge into Profit”

Intellectual Property Management provides commercial and contract management services to businesses who need to protect and manage the risks and value of their intangible assets and know-how.

We work with a diverse range of clients. They range from technology companies like QinetiQ developing and commercialising new products for global markets, to branded consumer product companies, manufacturers and business services companies. It frequently comes as a surprise to them to discover that with proper management, their intangible assets can become their most valuable assets.

In all our work both in the UK and internationally, IPM’s goal is to enable our clients to create and realise commercial value and to minimise risk. We call it “Changing knowledge into Profit”, and we achieve this by providing practical and realistic contract and commercial guidance on how to reduce risk, optimise value and returns, avoid pitfalls and resolve disputes.

  • We help companies to develop the optimum benefit from their Intangible Assets both by helping them to exploit these assets and by protecting the assets from exploitation by others.

Understanding risk and value is key to every contract and every business relationship – with customers, suppliers and partners.

Our goal is to ensure that everything that we do adds value for you and your business.